pay for a research paper com – This context must also be taken into account when we set calendars presidents.

The platform also does not rule out talks with independent councilor Konrad Rytel. “There is no doubt that we will talk with everyone, which lies at the heart of the strengthening of local government and defense before trimming it, both in terms of finance, as well as tools, because such intentions PiS has such presents,” – said the head of Mazovia PO structures. The head of the European Council compares governing Poland and Hungary Viktor Orban. How convincing, although the leader of another country is much more criticized, Hungary is still a player in Brussels and with partners Orban count. “Poland loses not only the policy of the PiS, which many do not accept, but because the government is passive in many areas” – said Tusk. “The problem of Polish lies in the fact that it is governed by someone to whom you can not reach. Premier Mateusz Morawiecki come to Brussels and did not hide the fact that power is not in his hands. And this at meetings of European leaders forge the decisions. Who does not have a hand of power, there is not much to say, “- said the PM. He stressed that when he was prime minister, confronted with other EU heads of government much more aggressively than it does Mateusz Morawiecki. “He keeps a passive position, not fighting, though he was not interested in what you earn.

And to ugrania are many, not just money in the future budget of the Union” – says the former leader of the PO. He noted that Poland had in the past status of the authentic leader of the region. “Although we were not able to achieve everything we wanted to, it could not be in the Union decide anything without our consent,” – says Tusk. As an example, he cited the case of posted workers and Polish transport companies. The former prime minister accused the current government, he could not propose a compromise on these issues, which would convince other EU countries. That is why – in his opinion – even countries of our region turned away from Warsaw. “This may result in the loss of thousands of jobs. So far, every Polish government has successfully fought for the rights of posted workers, for many years represented a problem for some of the more prosperous countries of the Union” – said the former prime minister. Warned that although it is critical of the rule of Law and Justice, as a Pole no complexes in Brussels. “It is not that Poland and Hungary to + the sick people + Europe, and the rest exudes health.

In every country there are larger or smaller problems. I suggest that everyone took in the first row of the problems in your home” – remarked Tusk. In his opinion, there is no problem, she returned to Poland “to the great European game.” “Today, Poland withdrew from it, but our objective status not diminished,” – he stressed. “A large part of the EU is critical of the state of the rule of law in Poland, but this in no way means that our partners from the Polish do not count” – said the head of the European Council. In his opinion, “a lot of truth” is a caution against polexitem. Referring to the example of the British estimated that brexit began long before the referendum of 2016 this country.

He added that after the departure of the United Kingdom Tony Blair took a passive stance in the EU, although she had any arguments to influence the shape of the Union. “London has ceased to be involved, although the Poles, Scandinavians, Dutch was in many ways more interesting than the benchmark Berlin. The British wasted this potential. Poland in any case can not afford it” – said Tusk. In his opinion, today the result of the referendum in the UK could look different. He added that there is still 20-30 percent. opportunities that brexitu will not.

The head of the European Council stressed that the then British Prime Minister David Cameron said outright that sentiment brexitowych fuel for the migration of a number of EU countries, which, among others, Poles coming to the UK. Thus he rejected criticism that he and the EU could more give way to London. “If I had acted according to what they say now my Polish opponents and Cameron gave what he wanted, the Poles would be the first victims,” ??- said the PM. He betrayed the fact that the British Prime Minister in the unofficial discussions left no doubt that the influx of migrants from Central and Eastern Europe was his number one problem. The head of the European Council, in an interview also talks about the need to regain control of the borders in the EU and enforcement of EU law. He warned that otherwise those who question the libertarian tradition Europe will gain a sustainable advantage “and treats us to a new version of authoritarian democracy.” “There is no migration policy, if there is a limit.

The migration policy lies in the fact that the border guards and controls those who want to cross it, decides who can enter and who can not. It’s not about making Europe a fortress, but it is, should not be considered a virtue helplessness “- said Tusk. He rejected suggestions that the French president Emmanuel Macron, that Poland could be excluded from the Schengen area, he does not accept refugees from the distribution of the EU. “You can not dispose of the Schengen just because somebody illegal migrants does not allow on its territory,” – said the head of the European Council. He added that the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the head of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski refugees borne diseases, parasites and protozoa awakens in him “disgusted”. How do you assess the state of Polish-American relations? They should be seen in two planes.

In strategic terms, they look great. The United States are aware of the weight of Polish as an ally in this part of Europe. The best example is military cooperation. President Andrzej Duda talked about it several times with President Donald Trump, the US military commanders in Europe, and more recently, during a visit to Afghanistan, with gen. John W. Nicholson, who commands US forces in the country. The US military and political circles is full awareness of the importance of Polish security policy.

The second plane is, however, the current Polish media image and its impact on the political climate. Here you can talk about the negative change due to the difference of opinion on the Act on the IPN. When we refer to the Polish-American meetings at the highest level, it is worth asking the question whether, if organize them now, is their real content, which is the Polish-American alliance, the media would not be dominated by the problem of assessing the transitional law. This context must also be taken into account when we set calendars presidents. That is why we say today that we are looking for a convenient appointment.

It should be found so that the public debate between our countries dominated what is important, which is a summary of the findings of Duda-Trump from the meeting in Warsaw in July 2017. And plans for the future. In this sense, the debate about the act is obviously of some importance to the calendar of meetings. Meeting was an offer from the US? At what level? See also: Szczerski: KE has a choice. Or follow toward compromise with the Polish, or continue to dispute “the President or Vice President of the United States.

This offer was and is on the table. White House ensures that it is interested in meetings at the highest level. The more that we can confidently talk about the full implementation of the provisions of last year’s summit in Warsaw. These decisions just materialize in the form of LNG deliveries to the US and Polish Patriot sets conditions for the purchase and transfer of technology, on which the president sought Duda. From the beginning we left the assumption that the end of negotiations on the Patriot system, the meeting will not, because we wanted it to first fill out the earlier provisions. Thus, in our assumptions, a possible first possible date was May, during the visit of President Duda in the UN and Chicago.

It was the first possible date that we considered. But not the only one. Moreover I have the impression that Polish public opinion shows a peculiar impatience here. Perhaps because Duda president meets with US presidents as often as the one before. In 2016 and 2017.

We had the visit the presidents of Poland, to the short unofficial talks with President Trump in Brussels and recently in Davos. Calendars presidents are not easy to synchronize with the current policy and its transitional circumstances. That is why we are considering holding a meeting at the highest level at a later date. Each date is possible. I do not deny that the historical issues are present in the relations with the US. However, the high growth rate of the calendar of meetings at the highest level shows the real content of the Polish-American relations.

In this context, the thesis of the alleged sanctions if the crisis in relations is absurd. Marek Suski said the visit of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the US, which does not exist. There was no meeting with Vice President Mike Duda Pence’em in South Korea. For this meeting has not been just for reasons that have nothing to do with the Polish-American relations. Therefore, I should not talk about them. Let’s stay with that schedules the presence of both politicians at the opening ceremony of the Games do not overlap enough to hold a conversation in a comfortable environment. That was the one and only real reason.

It was not that we asked for an interview and met with a refusal. However, the US reached signals that we should not now try to meetings at the highest level. We are not talking about sanctions and personae non gratae, but suggestions not to strive for meetings at the highest level until resolution of the dispute on the IPN. All real and imaginary information that more or less reached the media legally, wrong opinions, conclusions and comments of the transmission, and the hard facts. I also have the impression that many commentators dealing with relations with the United States has been the interim panic. Crowd was pulling their hair out and spoke about the impending Armageddon.

A little bit because of the belief they are dealing with a country which is always fun. When it came to a situation where there was a difference of positions, they panicked and started to draw conclusions reaching far beyond reality. Fortunately, these unnecessary emotions dampened the statement of the State Department. During a recent visit to Washington, I had a series of meetings with representatives of the authorities and all expressed surprise at the information submitted by the media in Poland. In this sense, one can share the portals even helped us.

What to do with the Act on the IPN? Due to the fact that the law is in the tribunal, and the president is the applicant, refrain from comments. Today on the government side, however, you can see a kind of self-correction. Even if in the opinion of the Attorney General for TK. This means that the pressure of Israel proved to be effective.

This is not the result of pressure from Israel, but due to subsequent evaluation requested the president and his arguments. The biggest drawback of any law, next to unconstitutional or a reasonable possibility of appeal to international tribunals, is its potential ineffectiveness. If you built up an effective instrument, you pay a price. Of calculating it, counting it as the cost of major reform profitable in the long run. In the case of this bill, but there are questions both about its compliance with the Constitution, and its effectiveness, particularly with regard to foreign cases. In the opinion of the Attorney General, as I understand it, there was reasonable doubt here prawna.zobacz also Szczerski: The talks have confirmed that Poles and Hungarians simply like “That much was already known.

It is a pity that the only president in its application allowed resound doubts that were previously articulated, and thus opened the way for quiet reflection on the act. It is an expression of responsibility for the state. How was it with that of the phone from Rex Tillerson, the former head of the American diplomacy has, missed by the president? I hear, in the capital’s cafes are already circulating folk legends about this. I do not want to inquire, why are sold. Let me just say that this story about mobile really does not matter in the world of real politics. The President decided that will launch us too much and does not make sense to raise the handset?

In my opinion, if something Americans really surprised, this rapid passage of the bill by the Senate. That it was taken at night, and the Senate did not want to listen to the already strong signals of potential problems. I know, because I was then the president on behalf of all the time working in constant touch with the State Department. Another issue is the restitution law. Congress is fresh position.

In this regard, I have a sense of injustice. It seemed to me that it is only in Poland, those who do not understand the Polish-Jewish relations, re-privatization of everything they want to translate, and no discussion of dignity and honor. It turns out that even some Israeli and American environmental issues combined with the re-privatization of the IPN. I oppose such an approach things. Restitution is a completely separate topic. This discussion of the individual assets of all Polish citizens. There is no consideration of the possibility of re-privatization only in the context of Polish citizens of Jewish origin.

That is why, moreover, the problem is so difficult. Is the law of restitution in this term? I hear from the government, the chances are slim. The law was suspended. There is proceeded. I do not know whether the government will return to it in the near future. How are relations with Israel?

President Reuven Rivlin to be present at the March of the Living. Let’s wait for the March of the Living. It will be a very important event. I hope that everything goes well. It means?

I hope that this will be an event whose theme will become a common belief that the protection of memory and truth and the fight against the lie are two sides of the same coin. Just as Holocaust denial is prosecuted in the name of truth, just the truth in the name of fighting with the term “Polish death camps”. If Poland acted as several European countries, had destroyed the places of memory of the Holocaust in its territory, today would not be in our lands traces of this terrible crime German. As in the case of KL Gusen. Many people have argued for years that it’s only settlement, and not the graves of people.

Retained as a result of Polish intervention, only the parade ground. The current president of Austria was the first who visited the site on the anniversary of its liberation, and he should be great respect for it. Meanwhile, Poland retained and protects traces of German atrocities. We know perfectly well that it is not our crime. We know that this is a German crime, which should remember and observe before her next generations.

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