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Married names in spainish culture

Married names in spainish culture

What’s the convention regarding hitched names in spanish culture –like “first final title” de “2nd final title”. What goes on towards the names in wedding, then what goes on for the young ones once they have hitched.

In the beginning of the formalities of immigrations is employed because is into the formal documents, after which, is in conformity because of the guidelines for the title improvement in that nation, can select from either or merge.

exactly What typically took place to spanish immigrants comming towards the United States? Did they frequently drop the very first or 2nd name that is last? In that case, which’

First instance: girl before wedding: Juana Maria Perez Lopez Juana Maria =names, Perez Lopez= final names) Man before wedding: Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez ( Jose Luis=names , Gacia Alvarez= final names) After wedding: girl: Juana Maria Perez de Garcia, or, Juana Maria Perez Lopez de Garcia depends of her eliminate or otthe womanwise not her 2nd final title, it really is into the law the 2 possibilities ) guy : exactly the same. ادامه مطلب